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Features of the product

  • 100% Brand New And Super Fine Quality.
  • Rotate The Cover, Just Gently Wipe, It On The Neck And Wrist, And The Fragrance.
  • Will Diffuse Instantly, Using Ball Point Coating Instead Of Sprinkler.
  • Spraying Can Save A Large Part Of Perfume Directly Sprayed In The Air.
  • Spray Please Apply It At The Right Place On The Skin, Ears, Neck, Inner Side of Wrist And Other Can Save A Large Part Of Perfume Directly Sprayed In The Air.
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How to use Pheromone Perfume

Rotate the cover, just gently wipe it on your Knee, Neck, and Wrist and the fragrance will diffuse instantly

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Customer Reviews

I used this in my 20s. I just found it again and tried it today in my 50s and my husband, who I didn't tell, walked by patted my butt hugging on me etc. This man hasn't touched me in 2 years he said I got old, so it works as long as he knows I'm alive


Ya’ll.... I wore this around my boyfriend and for the first time EVER he started talking about making babies.... he also couldnt get his head out of my neck. Forget what it looks like it WORKS and that’s LIQUID GOLD

Hannelore S Rose

Umm yeah this stuff definitely works lol I thought the comments were cap but it’s no cap I swear. It makes my boyfriend crazy like he won’t stop sniffing me and won’t get away! He’ll never know my secret tho😝


Way better value than pure romance and smells exactly the same, I've checked on a few people and they said the same. Definitely will buy again.


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